Pablo Ezequiel Inchausti

Software Engineer at BBVA | Docente UADE | AWS Community Builder

About Me

Hi, my name’s Pablo Ezequiel Inchausti and I’m a software engineer.

I like to play chess, and learn about cloud computing in general, as part of my interest, I am part of the AWS Community Builder Program, a great community to learn and share about AWS.

And I also love share and learn about last technologies trends throught “The Ninja Project”, a great community of ninja’s in thech hosted in the company were I work on, BBVA

I am most skilled in AWS and software development, and also I have some certifications, mostly in cloud related technologies


This is "Glaciar" a software to visualize open data about water and environmental information and give quality information

I did this project in 2018-2019 as the final Thesis of a Master in Techinolgy



Maestría en Tecnología y Comunicaciones

2018 - 2020

Universidad Argentina de la Empresa

Study in UADE was not only return to the university, but also a grow up time in personal and profeesional way

After finished my studies in UADE I have the opportunity to became a techer


Licenciatura en Ciencias de la Computación

1994 - 2000

Universidad Nacional del Sur

A great university in my city, Bahia Blanca, after finished my studies I move to Buenos Aires to start my professional career



Software Engineer

2001 - Present

Engineering ~ Argentina

The technology is crucial in the finantial sector and crucial for an excelent client relation. In the bank I worked in may roles related to the digital chanles, like software development web and mobile for retail and corporate, and roles with devops and software architecture

A Little More About Me

Alongside my interests as software engineering some of my other interests and hobbies are: